Friday, 28 June 2013



between weeks 24 and 28 you will have an important prenatal test called the glucose tolerance test (GTT)..  this test checks for gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes can cause problems for the baby and for you .. if  you do have gestational diabetes , it is important to control it trough diet and exercise..

continue to eat heathfully , take prenatal vitamins , drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest should also be able to feel the movements of your little one and even sense its sleep cycles ..


your baby is the size of a grapefruit ..

your baby now measure about 11.8 inches (30.5 cm ) long from head to heel this point, your baby weighs about 1.3 pounds (around 567 grams ..)

in the womb , your baby's growing lungs continue to practice breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid into his or her lungs .. the lungs begin to produce surfactant, a substance that keeps the air sacs in the lungs from collapsing .. this is essential for proper breathing once your baby leaves the womb and begins to breathe air ..

if your baby were to be born at this point, its lungs have developed enough to give it a change of surviving beyond birth with very special cane in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) ..

your baby's face and body are beginning to fill out and look more and more like how he or she will look at birth .. his or her muscles are growing , bones are strengthening and organs continuing to develop ..